World Energy Saving Day

Gia Group offers you a series of tips to save and help build a more sustainable world.

October 21, 2020. – Gia Group, a benchmark in manufacturing and marketing of highly efficient air conditioning and DHW solutions, joins the celebration of World Energy Saving Day as a good occasion to reflect on our energy consumption habits.

From Gia Group, we offer innovative products, with the highest quality and respectful with the environment. Therefore, we want to join this day to launch a reflection and contribute our grain of sand with a series of tips that will help to carry out a greater reduction in energy consumption, a decrease in the cost of the electricity bill and contribute to the reduction of polluting gas emissions.

Just by carrying out some of the following tips, we can increase up to 30% energy savings at home:

  • Use air conditioning equipment that saves electricity and uses state-of-the-art refrigerants.
  • Opt for energy efficient appliances: class A or higher.
  • Use timers and thermostats to keep appliances running during off-peak hours
  • For domestic hot water, choose an efficient boiler and keep it in good condition.
  • Identify energy expenditure and analyze it to find hourly rates that meet the needs of higher energy expenditure.
  • Encourage recycling
  • Bet on the use of renewable energy.

One of the biggest concerns that exist today is being able to reduce monthly electricity and gas costs as well as helping to improve the environment. Carrying out this series of tips will help you achieve this goal. At Gia, today we propose a series of Giatsu brand products, which will contribute to substantially reduce climate change.

Split Diamant

Giatsu Diamant splits are highly energy efficient (SEER A +++ and SCOP A +++ in hot areas) and are designed to adapt to virtually any environment and operate in extreme temperatures (-20º). They incorporate multiple filters: Hepa, Nano photocatalytic, anti odor and anti mites. In addition, its optimal operation allows extremely precise temperature control (0.1ºC) and generates air in 4 directions, all with the lowest sound pressure thanks to a very low fan speed (Up to 18dB depending on the model).

Eco-thermal biblock y monoblock

The Eco-Thermal is an all-in-one solution: heating, DHW and cooling in the same equipment. Great energy savings are obtained because it absorbs heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the hydronic system to offer you underfloor heating, radiators and / or fan coils as well as cooling and DHW production.

ECO-THERMAL Monoblock R32

  • Compact design
  • 3 in 1: heating, cooling and DHW
  • High protection
  • Wide operating range
  • Respectful with the environment, since it works with R32 refrigerant.
  • Built-in WIFI
  • Modbus protocol
  • Compatible with backup boiler and solar energy


  • 3 in 1: heating, cooling and DHW
  • High protection
  • Wide operating range
  • Installation flexibility
  • Compatible with backup boiler and solar energy

Aerothermal accumulators

Aerothermal accumulators are the most efficient alternative to traditional gas heaters and electric water heaters since they generate great energy savings by using air as an energy source. The use of the aerothermal accumulator is one of the most optimal systems for heating water in the family home environment. This unit uses renewable energy, so it is highly efficient and has low running costs.

Its extremely compact structure; and its stainless steel tank (depending on the model) and the magnesium anode ensure the durability of the components. Its special design of the air inlet and outlet makes the unit suitable for various forms of connections. The unit can function not only as a heat pump, but also as a fresh air fan, dehumidifier, or energy recovery device.

Aerothermal accumulator 200 litros VA1

  • Antilegionella function
  • Replaces heater and thermos
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with solar energy (depending on model)
  • 200L, applicable from 3 to 4 people

Aerothermal accumulator 300/500 litros VAX

  • Water outlet temperature 60ºC.
  • Smart memory.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Components of the best brands worldwide.
  • Compatible with solar energy.
  • 300L, applicable from 5 to 6 people / 500 L. applicable from 7 to 8 people

Swimming pool pump LION

The LION pool heat pump is the most economical solution to effectively heat a pool and extend the bathing season, with DC INVERTER technology, WIFI connection and R32

  • Japanese DC INVERTER technology
  • Low noise level (38dB depending on model)
  • Mitsubishi compressor (depending on model)
  • Titanium exchanger, to withstand prolonged exposure to pool water.
  • Refrigerant gas R32
  • Optional WIFI module
  • Ambient operating temperature from -5 to 43ºC