Terms and Conditions

GIA GROUP guarantees the entire range of products sold in Spain for a minimum period of 3 years in parts, labor and displacement.

In accordance with the foregoing, GIA GROUP will repair or replace any defective product due to design flaws, materials used in its manufacture, under the following conditions:

  • The customer must provide the purchase invoice, along with complete information about the defect, which must be approved by the GIA GROUP technical assistance department.
  • Any anomaly or external damage to the equipment for which the authorized area SAT has to attend, the intervention will have to be paid in full by the user/installer or distributor
  • The product must have been properly installed, maintained, and operated according to the installation and operating instructions that accompany the product and by specialized and qualified personnel.
  • The client will not, by himself or by a third party, try to repair the product or replace parts of it, unless expressly authorized by GIA GROUP.

The following cases are excluded:

  • Damage caused by incorrect handling, maintenance, configuration and installation of the equipment.
  • Improper handling of the product or for having forced its operation.
  • Use of spare parts not authorized by the manufacturer or modification of the product without the authorization of the manufacturer.
  • Installations or product combinations not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Wear of consumable parts due to use.
  • Use of fuel, improper coolant.
  • Faults related to water hardness (calcareous depositions on generator elements or partial or total obstructions of its primary or secondary circuit).
  • Defective draft or ventilation.
  • Improper transportation or storage, corrosion, abrasion, lack of cleanliness, improper use or mistreatment, wear due to misuse.
  • The guarantee does not cover expenses derived from the assembly or disassembly of elements such as furniture, cabinets, etc. that hinder free access to the equipment or its components. Likewise, home advisory services on the operation of the device are not covered.
  • For outdoor installations, it must be protected against inclement weather (rain, wind).
  • All equipment that has not passed the maintenance work indicated in the unit’s manual, or failing that indicated in current regulations.
  • All equipment that includes hot water storage tanks and the anode has not been checked annually by an accredited specialist technician during and after the official guarantee period has expired.
  • Faults caused by excessive water pressure, inadequate voltage, pressure or gas supply.
  • Products, parts or components hit during transport or during installation.
  • In the models whose ignition is carried out by means of battery (batteries), the client must take into account their maintenance and proceed to replace them when they are exhausted. The guarantee services do not cover the expenses derived from the home service.
  • Access to the units must be on level ground and always in accordance with current occupational health and safety regulations, it will be at the customer’s expense. This will include cranes, scaffolding or any other element that the SAT needs to repair, replace or intervene in the units, as well as any security element necessary for access to them.
  • The guarantee does not cover the costs and expenses incurred to access the equipment or its installation.


GIA GROUP will not accept returns of merchandise supplied and delivered, except in justified cases and authorized by GIA GROUP, where it is necessary that they are in perfect condition, packaging and operation and with all its accessories.

The written and numbered authorization will be essential for the reception of the merchandise in our premises and the postage originated by the aforementioned return will always be borne by the buyer.

If, once the material is inspected, it does not meet these requirements, a credit will be deducted, which may be up to the total of the original value invoiced in the order.

In the event that the assistance is not covered by the guarantee, it will be charged for. (see rates)

In case of detecting any problem or incidence in the equipment, you can contact the technical department of GIA Group by phone 93 390 42 20 or by email sat@groupgia .com

You can also request assistance through our website by filling out the document for this purpose and always sending the purchase invoice. https://groupgia.com/en/technical-support/


Concept Price
ACS / A.A RAC HOME range
BASIC SERVICE (Includes: 1st official hour + displacement 50 km (roundtrip)) 72.75€
OPERATOR from the 2nd hour (assistant included) €22.00
HELPER from the 2nd hour (helper included) €19.80
Range A.A Industrial (VRF)
BASIC SERVICE (Includes: 1st official hour + displacement 50 km (round trip)) A.A Industrial (VRF) €87.15
OPERATOR from the 2nd hour (assistant included) €37.50
HELPER from the 2nd hour (helper included) €25.00
Range Aqua – Aerothermal (HPWH) + Chillers
BASIC SERVICE (Includes: 1st official hour + displacement 50 km (roundtrip)) Aqua – Aerothermal (HPWH) + Chillers €88.25
OPERATOR from the 2nd hour (assistant included) €37.50
HELPER from the 2nd hour (helper included) €25.00
DISPLACEMENT outside square (more than 50 km) 1.02€/km
R410A 49.30€ Kg
R410A TAX 31.31€ /Kg
R32 40.60€ /Kg
R32 TAX 10.13€ /kg
R134A €46.40 / Kg
R134A TAX 21.45€ / Kg
NITROGEN 14.50€ / Ltr
ACIDITY TEST €14.60 /unit.

*prices without taxes included



Gestion Integral de Almacenes S.L, with address at Can CAbanyes, nº88, CP.08430, Granollers, Barcelona (Spain) is the entity responsible for the processing of your personal data, for the purposes described below.


Your personal data has been obtained because you or the company from which you purchased any of our brand products have provided it to us for the sole purpose of providing you with the necessary technical assistance to achieve the proper functioning of our products and to comply, where appropriate, with the relevant warranty obligations.

The data that we have collected and process from you are your identification data (name, surname and ID) and your contact information (email, telephone, country, province, postal code and address).

We use your personal data to manage the technical assistance intervention required by you, as well as, if necessary, to be able to evaluate the level of service provided by our Technical Service team.

In the event that you consent and expressly authorize us, we will use your personal data to be able to send you marketing communications through various platforms, such as email, telephone, text messages, direct mail and online, of the products that we believe may be of interest to you. . If we send you an email containing marketing-related information, it will include instructions on how to opt out of receiving these emails in the future. Remember that even if you deactivate the receipt of marketing information communications, we will still keep your data to send you important service information related to required technical support interventions or to ensure the proper functioning of our products.

Gestion Integral de Almacenes can process your personal data based on compliance with the contractual obligations derived from the technical assistance service that you or the company from which you purchased our product have requested from Gestion Integral de Almacenes.

Likewise, your personal data may be used based on the consent that you offer us, where appropriate, for the receipt of commercial and marketing communications about our products and services.

Your data may be communicated to providers who need access to your data for the provision of services that Gestion Integral de Almacenes has contracted with said providers such as technical assistance services and installers with the sole purpose of being able to provide our technical assistance services. and with which Gestion Integral de Almacenes has signed the confidentiality and personal data processing contracts necessary and required by the regulations to protect your privacy.

Likewise, your data may also be transferred to the Public Administrations and Supervisory Authorities to which Gestion Integral de Almacenes must provide said information by virtue of the legal obligations derived from its activity. If in the future Gestion Integral de Almacenes makes other transfers of your personal data, it will inform you in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Warehouse Management has contracted services from technology providers located in countries that may not have regulations equivalent to the European one (“Third Countries”). The contracting of said services complies with all the requirements established by the data protection regulations, applying to the transfer of your data the necessary guarantees and safeguards to preserve your privacy.

Likewise, Comprehensive Warehouse Management also needs to make international transfers to its branches or headquarters, duly authorized by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and whose purpose is to unify the management, maintenance and technical support of customer and supplier databases. .

Your personal data will be kept during the legal prescription periods of up to 5 years by application of the Civil Code. Once these limitation periods have expired, your data will be deleted or, alternatively, anonymized.

You can exercise your rights of access, withdrawal of your consent, rectification, deletion and portability, limitation and/or opposition to the treatment, by contacting the Data Protection Team, through the postal addresses indicated above and electronically to sat@groupgia.com